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are just some of the types of materials will be posted to the Teacher Tools membership site for access only by members. Materials will be added throughout the school year. ALL of the materials available on the Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss website are now available on Teacher Tools too, plus materials that are ONLY for members.

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These materials will be referenced within the

Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss

website but will only be available to Teacher Tools members. Materials will be provided within the following categories. Titles of

example materials

have been included below as a representation of these premium materials. Links to over 100 materials are in the Materials Just for Members library.

Describing the Impact of Hearing Loss
  • Listening Comprehension Exercise
  • Things for the Teacher to Know and Understand handout
Early Childhood: Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers
  • Examples of Functional Outcomes for Early Intervention Services for Young Children with Hearing Loss
  • Brain Development & Hearing Loss handouts
  • Communication Development Monitoring Tutorial
Hearing Loss Identification
  • Hearing Screening in Early Childhood presentation for early childhood coordinators
Hearing Loss Specific Information on Types
  • Sorting it Out – Four Types of Hearing Loss handout
  • Accommodations in the Classroom for the Student with Unilateral Hearing Loss
Language and Speech Development
  • Summary of Social Interaction (Pragmatic) Development / Theory of Mind chart for 6 mos – 8 yrs
  • Fillable Pragmatics Checklist
  • The Theory of Mind Test
Planning to Meet Student Needs
  • IEP Planning Guide
  • Suggested assessment instruments to use to determine eligibility of students with hearing loss
  • Student LIFE-R Questions with Photos
  • 10-minute classroom noise file
  • Transition Skills Guidelines
  • Newly updated SEAM Hierarchy for Hearing Aid and Advocacy Independence
  • Self-Advocacy and Accommodations Supporting Access
Social Needs & Self-Concept
  • Ages & Stages Developing Self-Concept
  • Printable version of Social Needs & “I hate my hearing aids!”
Speech Perception
  • Iowa Medial Consonant Test
  • Speech Spectrum Audiogram for Consonants
  • Fillable Speech Audibility Audiogram for Classroom Listening