The Teacher Tools Takeout marketplace, from Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss, is similar to Teachers Pay Teachers but focused on the unique needs of children who are deaf or hard of hearing. À la carte instructional materials available when you need them!

  • You can continue to use your Teacher Tools login ID to access your Takeout account. Any items you’ve selected will still be accessible in your My Files folder.
  • Purchase a Takeout Subscription for greater buying power, AND access to the expansive Teacher Tools Library and Kool Kidz Vidz.
  • Any files downloaded from Teacher Tools Takeout will be stored in your Takeout account.
  • The majority of instructional materials are computer fillable.
  • Search for files by ability level, age/grade range, topic category, Common Core Anchor Standard, or price.
  • Many free downloadable materials found in the Supporting Success webpages are found in Takeout.
  • Materials from some of the Supporting Success publications will be for sale à la carte within Takeout.
  • Takeout PLUS subscriptions include video courses for CEUs.

Categories of instructional information for students on Teacher Tools Takeout include:

  • Advocacy – self-advocacy and self-determination instruction
  • ASL teaching materials – build vocabulary, support writing, using interpreters
  • Assessment checklists, hierarchies, observation forms, interpretation info
  • Deaf Plus – information about supporting students with additional challenges
  • Deaf Studies – deaf history, culture, role models, community
  • Hearing Loss – Student Understanding and awareness of own hearing loss
  • Hearing Technology and Management – teaching and monitoring materials
  • Language Skills – over a dozen subcategories
  • Listening Skills – instruction in basics through comprehension
  • Personal Health – safety, emergency preparedness, sexuality, etc.
  • Reading Skills – phonological awareness, using visual supports, predicting, etc.
  • Self-Concept/Identity – dealing with feelings associated with hearing loss
  • Self-Management – organization, time, study skills, etc.
  • Social Communication Skills – pragmatic language, making friends, social skills
  • Teacher Information – informing teachers/parents on all the categorical areas
  • Transition – career and employment preparedness, transition to adulthood



Get a fresh start to the year with a subscription to Takeout  from Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss. Several options to suit your teaching and learning needs!




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Professionals working with children with hearing loss are constantly on the prowl for information, resources, materials, and courses that specifically address their teaching and learning needs.

Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss has gathered all of these in one marketplace for you to access when and where you choose.


  • Want to work individually or with team members?
  • Want to add courses to your subscription?
  • Want the best value?
  • Individuals can choose any level-you don’t have to be on a team
  • Teams can share 1 login and organize all materials in one place
  • Subscriptions last for 12 months from the date purchased.
  • Full access to extensive Teacher Tools Library and Kool Kidz Vidz
  • Subscriptions have more buying power
  • Credits are good for videos, workbooks, downloads and more!
  • Use Pay Pal, Credit Card or Purchase order!


...I already have a free Takeout account?

No problem.

Use your same login information to access your subscriber account. Your files stay with your account username and password. You can upgrade your account at any time.

...multiple teachers using a Teamwork or Library Builder subscription?

No problem.

One login for all team members. Note: Files from free accounts cannot be combined into a team account.

...I am one person, but I want the buying power and value of a Teamwork or Library Builder account?

No problem.

Choose the subscription level you want, and go for it!

...we have a lot of staff. Can my district purchase more than one subscription?

You bet.

Each subscription will have a unique login. One login per subscription.

...can we combine individual subscriptions into a group?

You bet.

This will be a great way for your team to build and share a library!!